Easy to use

Never before has there been floorplan designing software that’s so easy to use, but that offers so much flexibility.

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Low cost, coming in at significantly lower than those of our competitors.

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Syncs with Floorplan Live

Floorplan Live is the UK’s leading online floorplan management tool, used by hundreds of clients worldwide.

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What is Event Floorplan Designer?

Event Floorplan Designer is the most accurate, easy to use exhibition floorplanning tool available today. Import venue drawings or use one of our existing templates to start you off and then just draw your stand layout using the easy to use functions. Don’t worry about drawing your stands in the wrong place, most venue templates show you where you can and can’t draw stands and there is a warning system built into the software to help you with this too.

Once your happy with your layout, export your floorplan accurately in many popular formats such as PDF and DWG and even upload it to your show website automatically. For a complete solution offering live, interactive and 3D floorplans, use Event Floorplan Designer alongside the leading cloud floorplan management tool Floorplan Live.

Used by all of the UK’s leading exhibition contractors and organisers to manage thousands of floorplans per year, its reputation speaks for itself.

Who is Event Floorplan Designer for?

Contractors and Venues : If you manage lots of drawings for multiple clients, using this software will half the time you spend amending floorplans compared to other CAD systems such as AutoCAD. Save even more time by allowing your clients to amend your floorplan safely using the UK’s leading cloud platform for amending floorplans – Floorplan Live, everything is kept in-sync so there is no need to redraw any changes made by your client.
Organisers : Do you have an in-house operations team? Then Event Floorplan Designer can be used to bypass or work alongside your floorplan contractor to achieve much faster turnarounds with far less mistakes.

Do you want your sales team to make their own basic amendments? No problem, Event Floorplan Designer is fully compatible with Floorplan Live, the UK’s leading cloud platform for amending floorplans.

Customised Just For You

Event Floorplan Designer has many functions to suit almost everyone, however if there is a specific function you need or maybe you want to integrate it with your CRM system for full automation between your floorplan and exhibitor database? No problem, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Key Benefits and Features

  • User friendly interface
  • Create sales, technical and web plans
  • Automatic stand/booth numbering and dimensioning
  • Fully customisable stand colours
  • Detailed floorplan reports
  • Service Duct Detection
  • Import/export DWG, PDF, PNG and many more popular formats and many more…

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